Problems and Solutions

We are solving a set of big problems in the software industry.

Obsolete and brittle architecture, and deficient software design, have resulted in the competitive paralysis of the software industry. It is quite common for large enterprises, that once enjoyed competitive distinction, to be hamstrung by Big Ball of Mud systems that prevent more than a few releases per year. Companies cannot innovate and compete under such conditions. They may barely survive, at best.

These legacy monoliths have generated profit for decades. Yet, the gradual myriad of changes to these revenue generators have led to a paralyzing tangle. The recurring plea for help? Teams are demoralized by the mud, and hardware has outpaced software architecture. Large companies that have experienced stagnation need liberating relief and mobility through enterprise modernization and transformation.

Big Ball of Mud legacy systems result in a paralyzing tangle and change-stagnation.

Further, software architectures have consistently missed the mark when considering the multiple decades of vast improvement in hardware architectures. Simply stated, software is in the middle ages compared to the leaps forward in hardware and the contemporary means of efficiency that such hardware can support, but rarely has the opportunity. Archaic software is directly responsible for driving up the total cost of the hardware required to run it. It doesn't matter where you choose to run the software: in a datacenter, private and on-premise, or an off-premise cloud. Your software is almost certainly using vastly more hardware resources than are necessary for the representative business solution.

Industry Challenge

We are in need of change. We need change in how we interact with business stakeholders to achieve better business outcomes with software. We need change in the level of complexity regularly experienced with the software components that we build on. We are in need of change in making software utilize hardware in the most efficient ways. We need change in how business-driven solutions and the technical components align to achieve true competitive advantage.

That's why the VLINGO/PLATFORM has been created and provides solutions to the set of big problems in the software industry.