Getting Started

How to start using the vlingo/platform.

The vlingo/platform is distributed as a set of libraries. The available artifacts for the Java Development Kit are available as JAR files from three primary public repositories, Bintray, Sonatype, and Maven Central.

Our platform CI builds are performed on Travis-CI, which pushes the successfully built artifacts to Bintray. When you create a release we replicate the Bintray artifacts to Sonatype, which in turn automatically replicates to Maven Central. From the point of a release forward, Bintray becomes our defacto snapshot artifact repository, meaning that we don't have actual -SNAPSHOT named artifacts yet, just implied. So, if you want a reliable release build you use Sonatype or Maven Central. If you want the latest snapshot artifacts you use Bintray with the current release number (not the next).

We will eventually build true -SNAPSHOT artifacts, but it is not a priority at the time of writing. If you have expertise in this area and can contribute, please contact us.

You may use any number of build tools to retrieve the JAR files that you need for a project. We generally recommend using either Maven or Gradle. You can include the following in your Maven pom.xml file to reference the vlingo/actors toolkit:


For use with Gradle you will need something like the following:

dependencies {
compile 'io.vlingo:vlingo-actors:x.y.z'
repositories {

Of course the x.y.z is representative placeholder of the semantic version number of the given artifact. You should examine Bintray for the most recent available daily build artifacts, which are considered snapshots. Stable releases are provided on Sonatype and Maven Central. Generally the tip revision of each JAR file listed in the repository is the one that will work together with all others as a whole platform.

Full open source for the Java platform is available on Our baseline JDK is 1.8, but we have successfully built on JDK 1.11.

Our Javadoc is available via, and is relative to the current release. The URL pattern is as follows:

This pattern repeats for all artifacts available on Maven Central for specific versions.

Examples are available in source form under the URL. There are currently 10 projects, and within these you will find highlights of platform usage.

Support is currently available on Other channels will be available in time.